Custom Kitchens and Dining units

TMS designs state-of-the-art kitchens to meet the dining needs of small or large numbers of workers. Our food preparation and dining units are multi-functional, providing a wide range of options for any kind of service in a modern, comfortable atmosphere.


Sample Specifications include:

  • Forced air furnaces and central air conditioning
  • 2" x 6" exterior walls with R20 insulation
  • 120/240 single or three phase power
  • Modern, bright food preparation areas
  • Walk-in refrigeration/freezer areas
  • State of the art ovens, cook tops, bbq areas
  • Separate bag lunch pick-up area.
  • Self service beverage stations including fountain pop, coffee, tea, canned pop, bottled water and dairy products.
  • Modern, open concept dining area equipped with mens’ and womens’ washrooms.